About Us

When and how was Alisa Nicole Swimwear started?

A.N.S. was launched in 2016 with Alisa Nicole being the sole designer behind the label. Alisa has been "fixing" her clothing since her teens to better fit her "different" proportions. The seed that started A.N.S. came into fruition while she was visiting beach town called Manly in Sydney, Australia. 

“Manly is a beach town that sits on a peninsula so it's surrounded by beautiful crystal clear water. I started spending a lot of time on the beach and I could see there was a need in the market for better fitting swimwear for active girls and women with curvier frames. I knew I needed to fill that need because I was precisely that person who loved the beach but couldn't stand the swimsuits that were available to me.  I would try a million swimsuits on in the store, buy the one that looked least terrible, and once on the beach see that the fit just got even worse by laying down or swimming. So I bought a sewing machine, fabric, and started making my own swimsuits that fit and supported my curvier shape and ticked every box I needed. Now I just slip on one of my suits before hitting the beach and I feel so secure and confident in what I'm wearing that I can't believe I ever wore anything else. The difference has been life changing because I can now fully immerse myself in the water activities that I love like surfing and snorkeling, instead of worrying about how I look or how uncomfortable I feel”

- Alisa Nicole 

How is A.N.S. different from other swimwear labels?

There are many beautiful bikinis out there, and if you have a smaller chest size, a long torso and slim hips, you are bound to look wonderful in one. However if you are somewhere outside that mold, you might feel regulated to matronly seeming swimwear that doesn't necessarily appeal to your aesthetics. It may fit you well, but not be your style, or it may appeal to your aesthetics but you are constantly shifting the fabric here or there and trying not to fall out of it. 

“I wanted to create a swimsuit that could take you from swimming laps, playing volleyball, having lunch with your family, to relaxing on the warm sand while reading a good book. I didn’t want the wearer to have to change from a 2 piece, to a 1 piece or from an athletic style to a sexy style depending on the activity. I wanted a new type of style that simply worked for everything and didn't box in the wearer. I thought it was most important to incorporate my ideal vision of seeing a woman's eyes and face before anything else you notice about her. I wanted the swimsuit to feel like a second skin, an extension of who you already are at your best.

- Alisa Nicole

What is A.N.S. inspired by?

Real women, their lives, their stories and the perfectly imperfect individuals that we all are. Animals, such as birds, and the way in which they don't try to be beautiful they just simply are. Lastly, colorful minimalism and the ethos that simplicity is the finest form of elegance.

“You can surf in Hawaii, snorkel the great barrier reef in Australia, chill in geothermal pools in Iceland, float in the dead sea in Israel, and rock the paddle boat in Lake Zurich. There are so many adventures to be had in your favorite swimsuit and it all starts with finding the perfect one for you that was made with you in mind. You want to remember your amazing vacations and weekend getaways with memories of  you feeling your best.”- Alisa Nicole

Who is the A.N.S. woman?

An A.N.S. woman is someone who feels empowered by her strength as a woman and enjoys taking the chance to try something new everyday. It is someone who says yes to a day of kayaking, building sand castles with her children, or to a delicious grilled fish burger on the beach. It is an adventurous woman who lives life to the fullest every day and makes her happiness, her priority.  

"It's about creating swimwear that fits women, exactly the way they are and not trying to change them to fit a trend or mold. It's about letting a woman create her own style, and when this happens, she becomes her most free and emboldened self"- Alisa Nicole

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